~ Animal Rescue… “take a Kauai shelter dog on a field trip and this is what happens… mightydogshasta ~

Los Angeles…
Another happy tail for you! Aloha Maddie!Maddie, came to KHS as a stray 4 months ago & is now on her way to Los Angeles! Her new parents were visiting Kauai & took Maddie out on a field trip…they came back saying she is the perfect dog! After returning to LA, they decided to adopt Maddie…after lots of struggles to make flight arrangements, Maddie is now on her way home…where she’ll be greeted with lots of pink & a new doggie sibling.
Santa Cruz, CA…
Another one! Meet Moose (formerly Dom) who is now a honeymoon dog!
While on their honeymoon, Taci & Nic, decided to take a dog out on a field trip. Moose caught their eye & it was love at first sight…they returned each day asking to take him out once more while asking more about the adoption process. Well, this former stray who spent 2 months at KHS, is currently on a plane to Santa Cruz, CA with his new mom & dad!


Aloha Claire! From Kauai to Alaska…Claire is on her way to her forever home!Yesterday, Damar & Kelly decided to Claire, a stray who came to us 1 month ago, out for a field trip yesterday while on vacation. Within two hours of the field trip, they called us to ask about the adoption process! Claire is now headed home to Anchorage with her mom & dad…there she will be greeted by 3 doggie brothers. Aloha Claire!

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