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Mayor signs increased fee for dog-related services

The Mayor of Kauai signed into law the much-discussed bill related to fee increases for the following dog-related items: licensing, redeeming, and boarding.  “We want to give people notice, as we will start enforcing the ordinances provisions beginning October 1st,” said Kauai Humane Society Executive Director Penny Cistaro.

Starting October 1, the following fees will be charged for the respective services:

Tag (original or replacement)                                  $2

Two-Year Dog License Fee for Altered Dog        $15

Two-Year Dog License Fee for Unaltered Dog    $50

Licensed Hunter’s Exception – Two Year License

For First Dog                                        $15

For Second Dog and Beyond             $7

Seizure & Redemption of Unlicensed Dog Running at Large

First Occurrence

Altered & Licensed                                $20

Altered & Unlicensed                            $30

Unaltered & Licensed                           $40

Unaltered & Unlicensed                       $50

Boarding Fee (per day)                          $12

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Kauai Humane Society’s

Low-Cost Spay Neuter

Offers Assistance to Qualified Low-Income Individuals & Households

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– See more at: http://kauaihumane.org/#sthash.1MGMrSqZ.dpuf


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