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Kauai’s success stories where their shelter dogs
have been adopted and flown out of state to…
Yukon, Canada
Oct 2, 2013
Tuesday’s Happy Tail!A few weeks ago, when Jen & her family were visiting Kauai from Yukon, Canada they decided to participate in our field trip program. They chose Lono, a 1 year old lab mix for their outing. Lono, a stray who’d been with us for a few months, showed off his charming personality & great temperament. It was easy to fall in love, but they weren’t quite ready to adopt. Upon returning home & tying up some loose ends, Jen contacted us about adopting Lono…we knew it’d be a long trek, but together we made it work! Even after being denied by some airlines because of Lono’s large crate size, the family was still determined to get him home! Lono took a flight to Seattle where Jen’s daughter met him, then they took 2 flights to make it farther north. Lono has made himself right at home & is a great addition to the family!
below… shelter photos…
Lucky Lono !!!

Thanks for checking this out…
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WOOF !!!
MightyDog Shasta

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