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Also Hound dog YEP…

If you are visiting Kauai, Hawaii and would like to

take a shelter dog on a field trip,

the Kauai Humane Society’s address:

3 Kaumualii Hwy 825, Lihue, HI 96766

(Just West of Puhi  approximately one mile)

Phone no.:  808 632-0610

Available dogs still looking for their forever homes,

please click on the left side bar menu “Fly Me Home”

Let them know MightyDog Shasta sent you !

Shelter photos…

~ LUNA ~

Catahoula Leopard/Mix

Luna’s Field Trip

Oct 16, 2013

1 yr old Hound/Whippet mix ~YEP~ is on a field trip with vacationers too. They told us Yep was perfect on the leash and an overall great dog.
vacationer Ashley meets to say hi !
Kauai residents admiring LUNA…
Luna was noted to be 2 years old but looks and acts more like a 7 – 9 month old pup.  This little beauty is a bit unsure in new situations but encouraging nudges is all that’s needed for this girl to move forward.  With a balanced mature dog as a mentor would be an added plus but not a must.  An all around explorer/adventurer who is a natural swimmer.  Luna got along with all dogs and people that came over to say hi!  A massage along the back spine and neck helped relax Luna in nervous situations.  She is a trooper and will make a great addition to an active family willing to exercise and stimulate her mental and physical needs being the working breed that she is.  She learned the beginning stage of  “sit” and is food motivated.  The photos do not capture the complete essence of Luna’s beauty and depth of her coat colors.  She has a calm way about her even though she’s an active pup.
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