~Animal Rescue…Kauai Shelter Dogs – ZORRO & GUS flown to Oakland Shelter, CA Through KHS Transfer Program… mightydogshasta ~

Shelter dogs from Kauai, Hawaii

Dogs Can Be Flown Out Of State To Increase Their Chances Of adoption !!!

If you are flying out of Lihue, Kauai, HI to either Oakland or Portland airport… 

…you can help assist a dog in the Transfer Program

Read about our experience as volunteers in the Transfer Program below along with photos…

KHS has all the paperwork taken care of with only a few details needed from you.

Next, staff from KHS will meet you at the airport check-in counter with the dog(s) and documents.

When you land, a volunteer is already at the airport, all set to meet you (volunteer Erika was already with the dogs at the luggage claim).  She then takes the dogs for their foster sleep over with her.  The next day she brings the dogs to the Oakland shelter.


They were kennel mates at KHS and still BFFs

Flown to Oakland Oct 20, 2013…

Photo below:  At Lihue airport, KHS staff, Ben meets us with Zorro and Gus at check-in counter with documents.  As two passengers, we claim Zorro and Gus to fly with us to Oakland airport, CA.  The boys travel in cargo.

That’s Ben (KHS) in the blue shirt who brought Zorro & Gus to Lihue airport…  he has already adopted two Kauai shelter dogs !!!

Terrier, Bull/Hound – Male
4 years 3 months
Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix – Male
11 months

Confirmation that Zorro & Gus are on board !

Awesome volunteer Erika getting ready to take us to her home for sleep over!

Loving the TLC already!
So happy to see each other after our 5 hr flight…
Did I already say awesome lady !!!
Pretty boys…
Erika’s husband Fred is helping  us too !  And off we go !
Erika is tuned into each dog’s specific yearning… either taking them for a morning hike or just some special TLC if they prefer, before she brings them to the Oakland shelter.   I do not know how the KHS was so fortunate to have found Erika but she is devoted to these dogs 100% from the moment she gets the call for dog transfer to the moment she brings them to the shelter… in addition to checking up on the other dogs that she has helped with the transfer program.   What warmth to the heart and sole knowing these dogs have a better chance now…
Thank you Erika and Fred !!!
Thanks for checking this out…
Spread the word !
WOOF !!!
MightyDog Shasta
Read KHS details on Pet Transfer Program below…

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