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From “Doggie Nightmares” to Dream Dogs


The process of having a dog may begin with adoption, but it doesn’t end there. Unfortunately, many adoptions fail within the first two weeks when a dog’s energy and behavior do not match the new family’s expectations. This leads to dogs being returned to shelters, then being labeled as unadoptable for quite preventable reasons.

Now, with his new special on NatGeo WILD, it’s Cesar to the rescue as he helps adopting families avoid “Doggie Nightmares” and learn how to raise the perfect dog.

Cesar’s new special premieres on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. In it, he follows two households as they take the giant leap of adopting a new dog, and walks them through the process to guide them in the right direction.

That process begins when Cesar meets each of the two prospective families at the shelter to help them find the right dog, but it doesn’t end there. For the first week that the family is alone with the new dog, high tech hidden cameras observe their interactions — and highlight the problems.

At the halfway point, Cesar meets with each of the families in a high-tech training center to look at the footage and determine what’s going right, and what isn’t. He offers his training and advice, and then it’s on to that critical second week.

Some of the revelations will shock you and some will come as no surprise, but will Cesar be able to help these families integrate their new dogs into the pack? Can he turn doggie nightmares into lifelong bonds, or are some relationships just not meant to be? You’ll find out as the owners decide to either cement the adoption or hand Cesar the leash and walk away.

As Cesar explains it, “Every dog can be an amazing companion for a human. I just need to find that human for that dog.”

Tune in to Doggie Nightmares on NatGeo WILD starting November 3 to watch Cesar work his magic.

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