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Oct. 24, 2013    News

Pet-Based Radio Network Now Available on iHeart Radio App

The largest pet-themed radio station in the world is set to join the iHeart Radio family. Pet Life radio will serve as the only 24/7 live network, hosting celebrity chats and educational talks about animals.

“We’ve had continued success with celebrity guests and their pets, including Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Betty White, Rachael Ray, Ryan O’Neal, and many more and we plan to continue inviting them onto our shows to talk about their furry best friends,” Mark Winter, co-founder of Pet Life Radio, said in a statement. “We’ll also be adding new personality-driven shows and shows for our younger listeners, as well as expanding our pet music blocks.”

In addition to the live content, Pet Life Radio offers on-demand content of their previously aired shows. The network also features over 30 podcasts, including “Oh Behave,” which recently interviewed actress Katherine Heigl about being a pet advocate and co-founding the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, which works to end animal abuse. Additionally, the show “Cattitude” talks about different cat breeds and their history.

Pet Life Radio is accessible on the iHeart Radio iPhone and Android applications.

Read more at http://love.theanimalrescuesite.com/pet-based-radio-network-now-available-on-iheart-radio-app/#bEMp48kSF7kpv6WF.99


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