~ Animal Rescue… ~ CINDER ~ SPANKY ~ Kauai Shelter Dogs Flown To Oakland! mightydogshasta ~

Kauai Shelter Dogs Flown To East Bay Shelter/Dublin
 If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, the East Bay shelter info is at the bottom of this page.
We did not have the privilege in taking Spanky on a field trip but he is one handsome, big guy !
3 years 5 months
from KHS…
What’s not to love?  I am outgoing, responsive, focused and happy.  I love to sniff out trails and lead the way in adventure.  I have hound ears and a long striped tail that is almost always wagging!  I walk well on a leash, but when I get curious about something to investigate I can be strong because I’m such a big boy – I need an owner who will keep working with me on this.  I ride well in the car and respond to treats easily.  I’m also good with other dogs!  I do great on field trips.


Hound Mix

1 yr 10 months Female

I am playful, affectionate, and curious (not to mention beautiful!). I have loving eyes, and a light brindle coat. I will steal your heart with my playfulness and energy. People who have taken me on field trips say I’m great with people and dogs! I love waves at the beach and will lay right down in them. I am also well mannered on a leash. (LIFE OF THE PARTY) I am a STAR PET so my Adoption Fee is half price!
photo from Ally Kirk…
Photo: Beautiful brindle girl Cinder has been at KHS since April. She loved her massage and I cleaned her up fur and ears with green tea wipes afterwards...as soon as I put her back in her kennel a wonderful tourist couple noticed her and took her out for a field trip :) She was all calm and smelled good, it makes a difference!
Cinder’s Field Trip
Oct 1, 2013
Cinder quickly learned “sit” !  Smart girl !
All who came to say hi said what a pretty face I have and that my coat has such pretty markings.  I am well behaved when the folks are hanging out to chit chat.  I’ll politely wait and chill.  But when it comes to walking that’s a different story… I am an adventurer who likes to investigate and see the world!  I like walking along the beach when the waves wash up to my feet and then walk in the nice cool water.  But when it comes to the pond I am a bit unsure because the depth changes where I can’t see the bottom.  I am a smart girl and quickly learned “sit” and am food motivated.  I even retained this command following through a few minutes later.  I got along with all dogs and people who came to say “hi”!   I will make a great companion and addition to your family.  With guidance, training and exercise I will show you how quickly I will learn.   I am one sweet popular pretty girl.
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MightyDog Shasta

Dublin Adoption Center

4651 Gleason Drive, Dublin, CA  94568
ph: 925.479.9670
fax: 925.479.9680


Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 6pm
Monday and Tuesday Closed


Oakland Adoption Center

8323 Baldwin Street, Oakland  94621
ph: 510.569.0702
fax: 510.569.1608


Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 6pm
Monday and Tuesday Closed

Oakland Adoption Center


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