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Friday, October 8, 2013

Pooches: Cute Aggression

Lately, we’ve realized we all are afflicted by a phenomenon: “cute aggression”
Detailed by a graduate student and a psychologist from Yale University, this syndrome means whenever you see something cute you have the sudden, uncontrollable urge to squeeze it.
A and I tend to focus our cuteness aggression on different pooches.

A cannot stand Miss M’s cuteness and she loves to squeeze, pinch and pull on Miss M’s floppy jowls. We have seen and heard of others that seem to have the same urge when they meet Miss M or just see a picture of her.

A also has an uncontrollable urge to play with Miss M’s bottom lip and even has the urge to pull her bottom lip.

Most of my cuteness aggression is focused on Mr. B. Whenever he is laying around, I like to hug him or when his cuteness is too much I try to cuddle with him and squeeze the cuteness out of him.

Whenever he is standing around I love to give him a loving pat on the head and on our daily walks I cannot resist smacking his tiny buttocks.

Much to Mr. B’s dismay, Miss M’s cuteness aggression is also focused on the lovable Mr. B. She cannot help herself whenever she sees Mr. B laying so cutely in a bed.

She is so overwhelmed by his cuteness that she must smother the cuteness.

Mr. B suffers from cuteness aggression with his stuffys. He loves to squeeze and smoosh and sometimes nibble on his incredibly cute stuffys.

Has anyone else been experiencing ‘cuteness aggression’?
Thanks for checking this out…
WOOF !!!
MightyDog Shasta

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