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Abused pit wanders away from home into the arms of compassionate strangers who post on CL where story goes viral. Read what happens. Amazing story.

The neglected, abused pit bull who was not destined to die

October 3, 2013

On Wednesday, a Craigslist posting in Nashville, Tenn., about an abused and neglected pit bull, went viral, much to the surprise of the individual who took the time to write the touching piece.

The listing, Your pitbull found me and I’m not giving her back, was the writer’s frustrated rant to an unknown individual who had treated the dog, dubbed “Mama Jade,” so horribly.

Mama Jade, a pit bull who appeared to have been used extensively for breeding, had somehow escaped her neglectful home and wandered into the hands of compassionate people who finally cared.

The dog’s rescuer wrote:

Last Friday night, your dog wondered up onto our porch. Signs of the abuse she had somehow escaped, riddled her body. The fresh bite marks on her muzzle, the scars that covered her body, the exposed pink and purple flesh around her neck, where she was obviously tied up with ropes that cut their way into her skin, over and over again. The obvious signs that she had been bred, relentlessly, time after time.

Despite the tell-tale signs of abuse and neglect which riddled Mama Jade’s body, her demeanor towards people remained friendly.

The post read:

Mama lets you get right up in her face. In fact, she LOVES it. She’ll give you slobbery kisses and nuzzle your face with love.
We’re all amazed at how trusting of humans she is.

The end of the Craigslist ad takes a decidedly sorrowful turn near the end as Mama Jade’s rescuer notes that the neglected dog has breast cancer, and that the painful decision to release her from her life of pain and suffering had been made.

The post read:

Tomorrow, Mama will finally feel peace. And when she closes her eyes and takes her last breath, I’ll be there. I’ll hold her big ol head and I’ll tell her how much I love her.

The post ended with a bitter word of warning:

And when her soul has left her battered body and I’ve dried the tears enough to see, I will document every bruise, every bite, every cut, scrape and gash. I’ll photograph her teeth, or rather, where her teeth used to be. I’ll turn in all the evidence and post it where EVERYONE will see it. I’ll use it to educate kids in heavily crime ridden areas, on the horrors of dog fighting.

But Mama Jade was not destined to die – at least not yet.

As previously mentioned, the Craigslist posting went viral and emails began to pour in to the the person who wrote the heart-wrenching words about the dog who had suffered too much.

A Facebook page has been created about Mama Jade and there is hope that funds will be raised to pay for her cancer treatment – hope that she will have months, perhaps longer, to enjoy the love, compassion and kindness that should have defined her life.

Click here to follow Mama Jade’s story.

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