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Way to go Buddy !!!

Buddy, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, was bred to be a hunting dog in rural Ohio, but when the hunter decided he wasn’t good enough, he was dumped and picked up by animal control. Arriving at the county dog pound in August, he was adopted twice but returned after one and then two weeks due to “aggression toward cats and rabbits”. Jump forward to early November, and his days at the pound were numbered. But, the staff at the pound did everything they could to keep him from being put down because they saw something special in him, so they posted his picture and story to Facebook one last time. And, that’s where we came into the story. I saw the post on my birthday through a friend I haven’t seen since high school 20+ years ago (the wonders of Facebook!), and when I saw his sweet face, tears began streaming. We already had a 10 month-old Bluetick Coonhound and an 8 year-old Keeshond, also both rescues, at home, but I couldn’t bear the thought of that sweet boy being put down just because they were running out of space. And so five days later, we drove the 6.5 hours from Central NY to Ohio and turned right back around to bring him home. He’s been with us just under 2 weeks and has already proven himself a wonderful part of our family. Sure, he’s got some manners to learn; he didn’t even know how to eat out of a dog bowl without making a giant mess. But, it’s all worth it! The only thing he’ll be hunting for now is which spot on the couch he wants.

Thanks for checking this out…

WOOF !!!



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