~ Animal Rescue… Happy Thanksgiving… ~ Wishing The Very Best To Mama Jade And The Mom, Christianna Who Saved Her… mightydogshasta ~

Many thanks to Christianna for saving Mama Jade and healing her… giving her the start for a new happy beginning in life so over due and deserving.  But most importantly, showing Mama Jade what Love is all about… Christianna is one special lady… what a heart of Gold !!!


We took Mama Jade to her new foster home today. For me, it was very bitter sweet but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, this is the perfect place for her to be. She’s the only dog and she’ll get round the clock attention 🙂 She played with a toy for the first time since she’s been in my life and needless to say, it was adorable. She never showed much interest in them before today.
I really felt it was important to find her the right foster before the holidays. We all will miss having her at PetMed but keeping her here would be selfish.
Since I know lots of people will lay into me about not keeping her (it happens on every single post) I’ll go ahead and address those people now. Last week I brought my dog, Lois Lane, into work to see how Mama would do with her now. As I expected, Mama was just too dominant, on the edge of aggressive, with Lois. As I’ve said before, I am not willing to put Lois or Mama in a position that could be dangerous. I WON’T set Mama up for failure.
It’s killed me that I can’t be the one who takes her home but I can’t be selfish. Y’all have to trust that I know her better than anyone does and I know what’s best for her.
She will continue to get heartworm treatments and everything at PetMed and I’ll visit her frequently. Updates will continue and that’s a promise!
This dog is still very much a part of my life and always will be, no matter where she is. I hope those who are going to lash out at me realize that although your words hurt me, I will stand strong with my decision, knowing I’m doing what’s best for this dog that’s broken and mended my heart several times over.
❤️- Mama Jade & Christianna
By far, Mama has been my biggest accomplishment in life. I have no money to show for it or material possessions but my heart is full and that’s all I could ever want. I’ve learned more throughout this experience than I could have ever imagined. I look forward to learning even more in the days to come. To everyone who has helped make this life for her possible, I can not thank you enough.

Thanks for checking this out…

WOOF !!!
MightyDog Shasta

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