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The animals in our care are varied in color, shape, size and background. Each of their stories is just as unique. What they have in common is a chance to find happiness, and security of a loving home. We couldn’t be more grateful to you for adopting your dog or cat from us. We invite you to share your East Bay SPCA dog or cat’s happy ending with our online community.

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The Hawiian Prince That Fell Into Our Laps

In June 2013 we started looking for a lab that would join my boyfriend and I while we moved in together. We wanted a lab because we knew how loving and gentle they are and how they made wonderful best friends. We looked at East Bay SPCA’s website and saw Broma (his shelter name), a year and a half lab/greyhound that had came from Kauai; unfortunately he was on hold for another family.A week later my boyfriend took me to the East Bay SPCA to see if there were any new dogs that were avalible. While walking around we saw Broma again and he wasn’t on hold! While we played with him he was very shy and didn’t really want to play with us but wanted to play with the staff. We put him on hold because we liked him, but were on the fence about adopting him.

While at work, my boyfriend sent me a picture letting me know our new best friend had just entered our lives. I was so ecstatic. Broma, whose new name is Kona since being from Kauai, is the most polite and well-behaved dogs I have ever met. He loves chasing squirrels everywhere we go and he couldn’t be more happy than sleeping in bed with mom or wrestling with dad. He was well potty trained when we got him and is the most gentle dog. He does not bark or whine and loves to cuddle and lay his head on everyone. He was timid with playing with other dogs at first but now he loves running around the dog park with all sorts of dogs that can keep up with his greyhound lightening fast speed. Since we adopted Kona we have adopted two cats for my mom and sister and I am now looking to adopt another brother or sister for Kona.

Thank you East Bay SPCA SPCA for this wonderful best friend!

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MightyDog Shasta


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