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“If you have a puppy 3-6 months of age, socialization is very important. Socialization involves gradually exposing a puppy to things in a way that allow the puppy to learn what is normal in the world. Generally speaking, what a puppy is exposed to when he is 4 months and younger tends to have a long lasting impression. It frames a dog’s view of the world for the rest of the dog’s life.”

This is important stuff. Many people get puppies and take them straight to the dog park to “socialize” them. While I am not a fan of dog parks in general, I understand people are going to go to them. This article has some concise yet vital information on how to properly socialize your puppy before ever even considering a trip to the dog park.

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Puppy Socialization At The Dog Park
Thanks to greater awareness about the way dogs learn, many people are beginning to understand the value of socializing their dog. We have all heard that dogs who are better socialized usually live happier, less stressful lives. But what, exactly, does socialization mean and is a dog
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