~ Animal Rescue… Behind the scenes with BRANDY VARVEL, Kauai Shelter Coordinator… Her innovative programs have saved so many Kauai dogs… mightydogshasta ~



Hawaii Snapshot: Abandoned Kauai Dogs Get Life Saving Plane Ride

By Joe Rubin 04/03/2013
transfer program
Nick Grube

When Brandy Varvel came on board last August as the new shelter coordinator at the Kauai Humane Society, she inherited a big problem. The shelter was overcrowded with abandoned and stray hunting dogs, dogs that had been used to hunt feral pigs. Many were fated to be euthanized.

Then Varvel had a brilliant idea. Why not enlist the help of dog-loving vacationers to Kauai, who with the help of an airline are bringing back more than their luggage from the Garden Island?

In the last eight months, the program has helped save the lives of dozens of dogs.

Must See video:  http://www.civilbeat.com/articles/2013/04/03/18741-hawaii-snapshot-abandoned-kauai-dogs-get-life-saving-plane-ride/

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