~ Animal Rescue… “BABY G !!! ” … A Long Resident Shelter Dog… mightydogshasta ~

Baby G holds dear to us from meeting her last year in October, 2012 when we took her kennel mate, Kawai, on  field trips.  Kawai was quickly adopted by two great vacationers…  Time didn’t allow us to take out Baby G but we kept rooting for her back home on the mainland.  Thank you Kauai Humane Society for making it possible for Baby G in finding the best mom any dog could want!  What a way to end our day with this great news!

Happy New Beginnings !

ShastaDog’s Mom & Dad

Baby G KHS

Baby G, one of our longest residents is now at home on the big island! So wonderful to see & hear!
Remember your Baby G? Happy endings for sure! Her new mom adores her. Baby G loves all the dogs and people in her complex where she has plenty of playmates. She gets 3-4 long walks a day in these open fields, and mom doesn’t work outside of the home, so she’s with Baby G almost 24/7. Definitely a love match. — with Gina Savage.
Way to go BABY G !!!
WOOF !!!
MightDog Shasta

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