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We love the saying “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” With six rescue animals in our home and many others in our hearts, we are 100 percent behind adoption and rescue.

But we also have to wonder if “shopping” might actually be the answer for increasing adoption rates. Let’s face it: people love to shop. In our previous careers as travel writers, we have covered everything from spice-filled souks to midnight markets around the world, each packed with locals and travelers alike. There’s no denying that shopping is a big part of the travel experience.

And we can certainly see that, at home, we and our fellow Americans aren’t just good shoppers, we’re great shoppers. We have all taken shopping to a whole new activity level. Shopping could just about qualify as an Olympic sport.

The truth is shopping makes people feel good. People spend money on what makes them feel good. If people “shopped” for shelter pets, would they be more likely to adopt?

Maybe so. Recently an adoption event in San Francisco showed that shopping and shelter pets can go hand in hand. During the holiday season, 339 animals found homes through the San Francisco SPCA’s annual Holiday Windows event at Macy’s Union Square, the highest number of adoptions in the 27 years that they’ve been organizing the event. Donations topped over $80,000.

Obviously, people loved the happy, festive atmosphere of Macy’s. Perhaps some potential adoptions might not have been willing to face the environment of an animal shelter but, instead, would have gone to a pet store or online pet broker instead.

During the event, live images of the cats and dogs at Macy’s are streamed to the SF SPCA website. Last year, more than 50,000 people viewed the live feeds which, of course, meant more promotion for the shelter and the adoptable animals.

Although shelters don’t have the thrill of Macy’s, what if shelters were promoted as a great place to shop? Go to your local shelter and shop for your next pet. Along with a great selection, the prices will be excellent. You’ll be greeted by personal shopping assistants, AKA shelter staff and volunteers, who will help you select the pet that’s the best fit for your family.

So why not shop to adopt? Shelter pets get a new home and people would experience the joy of shopping. That’s a bargain all the way around.

Photo credit: Robert Schroeder

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