~ Animal Rescue… “ANA”… went missing in Springfield, MO area… mightydogshasta ~


So many of you followed her story, worried with us, cried with us, and sadly are still wondering with us. For those that don’t know, Ana was one of the “UPS puppies” that was featured on our premiere episode this season. She was adopted to a young man who was battling cancer. Sadly this past September, he and his wife split up and she took Ana with her. Though we don’t know the specific details, this is what we do know. The wife fell onto hard times and bounced around from place to place and Ana was passed around to some of her friends to take care of. The husband relocated out of state for health reasons. Yes, it clearly states in our adoption contract that if you cannot take care of our dog, we will take him/her back no questions asked! At this point we don’t know the what’s, the why’s or the where’s but at some point, Ana “got away” from the wife and she did not tell us at the time of the incident. We had to hear it from family members and friends of their’s. We thought we had a lead on her whereabouts but after numerous phone calls, looking at photos and doing our “investigating”, we came up with nothing. At this point, we might be chasing an empty trail but we have to at least try. This all took place in late Sept/early Oct in the Springfield, MO area. If you found or have in your possession a dog that looks like Ana (unfortunately this puppy pic is all we have), please have her scanned as ALL of our dogs are microchipped to us. We have appealed to the news to let us do a story (no response), offered a HUGE reward…..so now we appeal to you. Please help us BRING ANA HOME


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