~ Animal Rescue… Kauai, Hawaii… “K9 Nose Work Seminar on Sunday, February 2nd from 11AM-2PM at Kauai Humane Society” … mightydogshasta ~

Just a reminder…we will be holding a K9 Nose Work Seminar on Sunday, February 2nd from 11AM-2PM at KHS!

What is K9 Nose Work? Well, it is an activity that allows dogs to use their natural ability to smell in order to get to a rewarding “source”. Dogs search defined areas in a manner similar to that of drug detecetion dogs. However, they search for essential oils instead of narcotics. Any dog may participate in K9 Nose Work, but it is especially therapeutic for dogs in shelters and dogs with issues. Letting the dogs use their nose to lead them to rewards helps relieve some of the tension caused by the shelter environment. Dogs are more relaxed when returned to their kennels due to the physically and mentally exhausting nature of Nose Work. Engaging in a fun activity that requires no obedience skill and is all about the dog is a big confidence builder for shy dogs. Reactive dogs often are less reactive.

The presenters, Joyce Biethan CNWI and Pritamo Kentala CNWI, have been teaching K9 Nose Work classes in Oregon and Washington for the last 4 years. They have both successfully introduced K9 Nose Work to a variety of shelters in their regions.
No registration is necessary, but the seminar is just for people, no pets please.

Thanks for checking this out…

Spread the word !

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MightyDog Shasta


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