~ Animal Rescue… SWEET “JAMBY”… “The Over 60 Days Club”… Her Forever Home Is Way Overdue… Austin, TX… mightydogshasta ~

We need some shares on this one……PLEASE.Staff and volunteer favorite Jambalaya (A651703) went on a field trip!This girl is the third longest stay dog at the shelter (295 Days) and we have NO IDEA WHY!

She is good with other dogs and she does great on Town Lake Trail. Jamby has nice leash manners. She loves to play with toys and is just an all around fun girl. During the summer, she had an absolute blast playing in the baby pools.
Jamby also loves to cuddle – she has been caught a number of times relaxing in someone’s lap at the shelter.

She is HW+ but her treatment is sponsored……she just needs a HOME!

Jamby is at Town Lake Animal Center (1156 W Cesar Chavez) in kennel #10. 295 days people………PLEASE SHARE!

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