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Clobberhead the dog uses nose to save the day

Newly adopted pooch smelled natural gas, wouldn’t leave owner alone

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All hail Clobberhead, the gas-smelling superdog.

Shelbyville, Ind., resident Erin Cramer has her family’s newly adopted greyhound, named Clobberhead, to thank for saving her from a potentially explosive situation.

Cramer, who picked Clobberhead up from a rescue group a few months ago, said he started acting strangely one day when she stayed home sick from work.

He started banging his head against a wall, and when she took him outside for some air, he dragged her back inside.

It wasn’t until the dog successfully convinced Cramer to open the door to her laundry room that the danger finally hit home. It turns out there was a natural gas leak coming from the apartment’s laundry room.

“This wall of gas just came pouring out,” Cramer told Fox59. Even scarier, her water heater had sprung a gas leak and, even more alarming, it was sparking.

Cramer said that experts told her that the sparks would have likely ignited the gas fumes and “taken out not only this house but several around me.”

“If it wasn’t for him (Clobberhead) coming into our lives, we probably wouldn’t be here right now,” Cramer said.

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