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Many have asked, so here is a brief summary of who we are and what we do. We
are anall-volunteernonprofit organization that supports our deployed troops. WHO WE ARE:
The US War Dogs Association Chapter 1is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides critical care and comfort for Military Working Dogs and their Handlers during and after deployment. OUR MISSION:
Our goal is to make sure that no Dog/Handler team will suffer injury or loss due to the lack of needed supplies.

Our support mission is OPERATION MILITARY CARE K-9 which provides care packages of medical supplies,

equipment and comfort items that are shipped overseas to our human and canine soldiers.Currently the

organization supports over 5000 Military Working Dog and Handler Teams deployed worldwide.

Visit us at http://www.chapter1.uswardogs.org/

war dogs
Specialized Training – Hoist
Hoist training is designed to acclimate the dog and handler to the
K9 Medevac (medical evacuation) procedure and the aerial entry process.

war dogs specialized training hoist

Operation Military Care K9 exists to make sure our MWD Teams
get what they need to do their jobs, and getting positive feedback
from our troops that we do make a difference keeps us motivated
to do our best for them.
We thought we’d share an excerpt from of our recent
“Emails from the Sandbox” with accompanying photos.

“Thank you so much for the thoughtful package full of goodies I received

about a week ago or so and I haven’t been able to write you till now, I apologize
its beenpretty busy where I am. The goodies were great, Vito and I both enjoyed
them.I appreciate your support of not just Vito and I but MWD teams around
the globe. Organizations like yours makes being here just a little bit better.”
war dogs...
 Vehicle Patrol

The dog must ride calmly inside a vehicle displaying no aggression

toward passengers or driver.
war dogs vehicle patrol
Walking Patrol – Industrial Search

A well trained Military Working Dog can replace 50 to 100 humans on a search for intruders,

suspects or missing people. No alternatives exist that are as proficient or as cost effective.
war dogs Industrial search
Walking Patrol – Open Area Search

There are endless places to hide in an open areas (trees, bushes, caves, creeks, etc.)making it

impossible for a human search them all. Dogs search faster and cover more ground than humans
while also providing the most effective non-lethal option when an intruder is located.
war dogs walking patrol open area search
Walking Patrol – Vehicle Search

Military Working Dogs are trained to search for explosives.

war dogs walking patrol vehicle search
Walking Patrol – Building Search

The dog must locate and respond to people hiding in a building.

Thedog must not attack unless commanded to by its handler.

war dogs walking patrol, building
Walking Patrol

Walking patrol duties include checking buildings,

parking lots,industrial complexes, open areas and housing areas.

war dogs walking patrol
Scouting/Terrain Search

Scouting is the most effective procedure to locate intruders hidden in a large area.

The dog must be able to detect a person by scent, sound or sight.

Wind, temperature, humidity and terrain all affect the dog’s ability to perform this task.

It is the handler’s job to place the dog in an optimum location to maximize the dog’s success.

war dogs scouting terrain
Patrol Training

Military Working Dog patrol teams are a substantial psychological deterrent to potential threats

They may operate in both walking and vehicle modes and perform such functions as outdoor searches,

building searches and intruder detection and apprehension.
war dogs patrol training
US War Dogs Needs YOU!!!

We have several volunteer positions available.

Anyone who has an interest in helping us help our Military Working Dogs and Handlers,

please consider donating your time and expertise. We have the following volunteer
positions available:

* US Postal Service and Package Mailing Coordinator (must be local to the Contra Costa

County/Alameda County/East Bay area of San Francisco, CA)

* Fundraising Coordinator (State of California preferred.)

* Grant Writer and Administrator (Position open nationwide.)

To find out more, please visit our website at: http://chapter1.uswardogs.org/helpwardogs.html

Volunteer to help our heroes and Operation Military Care K9!

ward dogs volunteers needed
Thanks for checking this out…
WOOF !!!
MightyDog Shasta

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