~ Animal Rescue… Warmer weather is approaching… Keep Your Pets Safe… watch for RATTLESNAKES & FOXTAILS… mightydogshasta ~

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WOOF !!!  MightyDog Shasta

East Bay SPCA
It’s getting warmer, and we’re getting even less rain! It’s time to start keeping an eye out for 1) fox tails and 2) rattlesnakesTo avoid fox tails, keep your dog out of heavy fox tail areas; green grass is usually safer as fox tails will “latch” on when they turn brown. Watch out for sneezing, pawing at ear, shaking head – all signs that your dog has a fox tail in his/her nasal passage, throat, or even eye!To avoid rattlesnake bites, keep your dog on a 6 foot leash, and avoid rocky/dense brush/grassy areas. Also, listen and keep your dog in sight! If you suspect a bite…look out for punctures, bleeding, swelling, and disorientation. If you are certain there was a bite, carry your dog to the car and get him/her to a veterinarian immediately!

East Bay SPCA's photo.
East Bay SPCA's photo.

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