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Some of the many Precious Pups who never made it home…

Rest In Peace

This is very sad as the faces are so familiar from my weekly posts of Kauai shelter dogs in need of homes.  One in particular… LUNA… the sweet little Catahoula pup my husband and I took on a field trip last year October… not able to locate her, my fears of what happened to her have been answered.

Luna 2013 Oct 16.......................................

Luna 2013 Oct 16..................................................Luna 2013 Oct 16......................................

Luna 2013 Oct 16.............................................................

Thank you my facebook friend, for giving them love, compassion and your healing heart while their time on Earth was sadly so short.


shared by a special facebook friend…

I want to share what happens when people don’t spay and neuter their pets. These are all of the dogs that I have worked with (either once or twice, or for many months) that did not find their forever home, either because of fear of trusting humans, going “kennel crazy” or they could not have a kennel mate. It doesn’t matter that they like dogs outside of the kennel, if they can’t pair up, the space is limited. Normally I don’t post things like this, but it is time that people put innocent faces to the problem. RIP my friends, in the end even if you were scared, you knew love and kindness from a few people. I will no longer be volunteering at high kill shelters. How do we start a no kill shelter or rehabilitation center for dogs like this, and cats and kittens on this rock? Suggestions welcome. FYI I am not independently wealthy.
khs ally kirk fbshared info…  Iwill start from top left to right. The first boy is Sammy. He was the first dog I worked with and he was like most of the neglected Airedale mixes that come in. Terrified of the outside world. I only had 2 massage sessions with him and then he was gone. Then Skye…my sweet boy that was obviously abused as he was terrified of men. He spent a good long time with a foster, then had to come back to the shelter. He did not thrive so I would bring him to work to relax away from the stress. He was a different dog away from that environment but he wasn’t allowed on field trips because he was to “skittish.” He died yesterday. Beautiful Barako that sweet Sara picked as her roomie, and she was picky about her kennel mates. He was wonderful and loved children. Everyone lived him when we brought him to the shop, yet he didn’t find a home in time. Not sure why he was killed.
Middle row left to right. Hoku, sweet girl we brought to the shop. She was picky about the dog friends she liked but was a wonderful girl outside of the shelter. We had so much fun with her when I brought her to work. Someone even donated her adoption fee. Kenzie, sweet pittie girl that was gone before I could even take her out, not sure why, she seemed pretty chill. Luna girl who had a very hard time after her brother got adopted. She deteriorated and there wasn’t a foster home with the right fit for her. Bottom left to right. Dinah, sweet pittie girl that I loved. Massaged her once and she was gone by the next time I came in. Haole Boy, worked with him once and he was gone before I left for the day, again a neglected hunter terrified of the world, but sweet. Bonnie, bonded to me after 2 minutes in her kennel. Once again, terrified hunting dog. I tried to find a foster for her but to no avail. She was terrified and came down with kennel cough. With no foster for her, she didn’t make it that’s my stories.
So I guess the moral to this story is that we need more foster families that can work with this special needs dogs until they are able to function in the real world and find the right forever home.
MightyDog Shasta

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