~ Animal Rescue… Bay Area, CA… June 12, 2014 Rescued Pups From High Kill Shelters…Fosters Neede8 for Bay Area Rescue… mightydogshasta ~

Fosters Needed for Bay Area Rescue…

June 12, 2014

Fosters must live in the California bay area vicinities of…

Marin * San Francisco * Peninsula * South Bay * East Bay

You must go to… 


…. to fill out their application….



Email jill@coppersdream.org w/app



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Biscuit is a 1-year old Chi mix rescued from Tracy.

  • Has an adorable curly tail and long legs
  • Very cute and very sweet
  • Good with other dogs he has met
  • Perfect on a leash
  • Loves to cuddle and be in your lap
  • Submissive with people

Adoption fee: $175, includes neuter and current vaccinations. Additional donations always welcome.




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Schnapps is a schnauzer like mix from Delano. He is estimated to be about 1-2 years old and weighs 16-18 lbs.

  • Very friendly with everyone he meets
  • Very happy boy and bonded with his fosters quickly
  • Likes to wrestle with the foster’s dogs
  • Not much of a barker
  • He does jump up when he’s excited (and does a really funny seal clapping of his front paws.)
  • Working on housetraining, but still may have accidents
  • Does know how the use the dog door but hasn’t quite made the full connection about what it’s used for
  • Not a resource guarder at all
  • Learning that if you sit you can get a treat
  • Great at playing fetch
  • Ignored the “outside” cat at his foster home
  • Crates reluctantly

VIDEO: Schnapps

Adoption fee: $300, includes neuter and current vaccinations. Additional
donations always welcome.




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Timone is a 6-month old, 4 lb female chihuahua mix from Stockton.

  • Loves everyone she meets
  • Great with kids and other dogs (easily becomes part of the pack)
  • Loves the beach (knows she’s too small for the waves, so stays a safe distance) – will run and run across the sand (adorable!)
  • Likes to play with other dogs big and small
  • Not a fan of cats
  • Sleeps through the night in her crate and is quiet when crated during the day
  • Will entertain herself with toys—even toys bigger than her!
  • Super happy puppy!
  • Very toy and treat motivated
  • Knows “sit and down” with just a little training
  • Very bouncy and extremely entertaining!

VIDEO: At the beach

Adoption fee: $175, includes spay and current vaccinations. Additional donations always welcome. Fostered in San Jose.




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Buddy is a 2-year old male Cattle dog/Shepherd mix rescued from Los Banos.

  • Great on leash
  • Passive with other dogs; like most cattle dogs would probably thrive as the one and only canine
  • Great in his crate
  • Would make a great running/biking partner
  • Loves bike rides
  • Smart boy; nows sit, down, heel, leave it
  • Very smart and will need daily mental stimulation
  • Adopter should know the breed
  • Would do best in an adult only home
  • Needs a confident handler, can be sensitive to energy around him
  • Quiet, looks for and needs direction

Adoption fee: $300, includes neuter and current vaccinations. Additional donations always welcome. Currently in Pacifica.



Spencer is a 2-year old Shepherd/Lab mix.

  • Great with the toddler in his temp. foster home – very gentle
  • Very playful, loves attention and belly rubs
  • Doesn’t jump on people
  • Very sweet, loves to cuddle and lounge around chewing on a bone or just napping when inside
  • Doing well with his crate
  • Does really well at the dog park, with both big and small pups
  • Goes to the door when he needs to go out.
  • Would do best in a home without kids or with older/respectful kids
  • Smart guy doing a good job with sit and looking at you when you say his name
  •  Learning how to be around cats
  • Working on guarding food and toys with the resident dog
  • Uses a citronella collar for whining/barking and this works very well

VIDEO: Spencer with toddlerSpencerSpencer With Children

Adoption fee: $300, includes neuter and current vaccinations. Additional donations always welcome. Currently in San Rafael.


Adoption events

Saturday, June 14

Sunday, June 22
Annual Reunion Reunion Roundup
No adoptions, sorry!

Saturday, June 28
Pet Food Express Saratoga
12900 Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd, Saratoga
11am to 4pm

adoption Event rosters

The roster is posted the day before the event: www.facebook.com/coppersdreamMost dogs will be ready to go home the day of the adoption event. 

We adopt all week long!

Have your heart set on a particular pup? Send in your adoption application to visit them through their foster home any day of the week.
Read about our adoption process to learn more.
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MightyDog Shasta

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