~ Animal Rescue… “Animal Control was called to a gruesome scene on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, when a tenant was evicted weeks ago, leaving an innocent dog tethered on a second story balcony.” … mightydogshasta ~



Jefferson SPCA‘s photo.

July 10, 2014


Animal Control was called to a gruesome scene on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, when a tenant was evicted weeks ago, leaving an innocent dog tethered on a second story balcony. She appears to have fallen off the balcony and thankfully, the tether broke. With rainwater the only drinking source, near starvation, and with a deep wound to her neck, the officer arrived to find a dog so weak from dehydration and lack of nourishment that she could not stand. When she looked up at the officer and saw that the officer had a towel to wrap her in, the pain in her eyes diminished and relief set in. The officer, moved to tears, picked her frail body off of the dirty concrete, and with one small gesture of kindness, her tail wagged. Her body temperature was so low that the shelter veterinarian had to warm IV fluid bags prior to administering fluids. The wound on her neck was so infected from the chain that her face swelled from infection. Although she has some bruising and swelling in a disc on her back, she has stood up and we are hopeful she will respond to treatment.

At one time, this 26 lb dog had to have experienced happiness. She trusts, she tolerates, and she responds to love and care. Humans allowed yet another precious, loyal companion to suffer immeasurable pain and solitude, and there is no excuse that could ever justify such intentional cruelty.

We have decided to name our newest victim, Minerva, which is Roman for Athena. Minerva was the goddess for medicine and magic. Working with our partners and you, we hope to bring the magic of a renewed pathway of bright light and healing comfort to this goddess who was left to fend for herself so long in solitude and darkness.

Last October, the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter was faced with a similar horror when a pit bull, starved to near death, was surrendered. We named her Athena and after a long journey, today, she is healthy, happy, and loved. In Athena’s honor, we have created a special fund to help the severely afflicted and abused animals receive the medical care they need to survive. This around the clock, critical care is provided at Metairie Small Animal Hospital, and we are very blessed to have the partnership that affords specialized care to our shelter darlings. The Athena Healing fund will allow Minerva to receive the care she needs in order to survive.

Every day, the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter receives an abundance of calls from the public regarding abandoned, injured, stray, and owner relinquished animals. While many of these calls are routine, others result in immediate heartbreak for Animal Shelter staff. There is senselessness in allowing an animal to suffer alone quietly; but there is also unequivocal failure in mankind’s allowance to prolong a defenseless animal’s suffering.

Please help us to continue to give the animals in Jefferson Parish their second leashes on a renewed life by considering making a donation to the Athena Healing Fund. Minerva’s journey will be a long one and with your support, together, we can bestow her with the “magic” in her life she so desperately deserves.

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