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LOST Whippet Vanna Richmond Hill, Georgia‘s photo.


Charlae Gamble, Nicole Schumacher,
Vanishing Vanna is Still Missing
July 12, 2014: From Vanna’s owner, Susan:
I know everyone has seen this a hundred times, but I cannot stop reminding anyone and everyone of how special she is. I have been asked if I have pictures of her that I’ve not posted yet. Maybe, but this one captures Vanna as she really is. Loving, sweet, shy and gentle girl. I don’t post often because my time is filled with riding around for countless hours hoping that when a call comes in I can get there faster and also hoping I can see her running along the road. I check the traps 2 or 3 times a day and change out the clothing I have worn hoping she will get a scent. I have also been fortunate enough to have met Vanna’s sister’s parents who have so graciously walked sweet Bella in the areas of her most recent sightings and around the traps. They brought items with Bella’s scent to leave as well.
We have received so much support in this search. I am amazed at the post from people sending love and prayers for Vanna. There are people I have never met looking for her!
Vanna will have been missing for a month tomorrow and all I can hope for is that she will finally trust a human enough to be caught and come home. It will be up to her because every time she has been seen and called to she just runs away. Maybe she will find a place where she will not feel threatened and gradually trust enough to be touched or lured to a crate, fenced yard or even a humane trap. In the meantime I will keep looking. Thank you all, Susan
If you see Vanna – SIT WATCH CALL 678 438 8255
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MightyDog Shasta

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