~ Animal Rescue… “Please donate to the “Trap N Release” cause at the “mother store” in Vancouver Washington if you are in the area. A donation box for food and supplies is set up at the store, Natural Pet NW” … mightydogshasta ~

link:  Natural Pet NW
*Volunteers Needed Please*
It’s Kitten season and Furry Friends trappers are working tirelessly to get as many feral cats spayed and neutered as possible. The graphic shows a calculation for what happens when one unaltered cat and all of its offspring have a litter of 4 each (the average litter size) over a ten year period. It will blow your mind. It’s a monumental task to capture, spay and neuter feral cats in our community. We would like to ask for your help to relieve some of the pressures of the trappers and care givers who not only use their personal time, gas, traps, money and food to make this extremely important project benefit our community.Helping is as easy as driving cats to their appointments, feeding the cats & kittens, socializing the young ones so they don’t end up back on the street. Did you know there is a very small window in a feral cats life that you have to socialize them and make them adoptable or they are doomed to live back on the street?

If you decide to purchase supplies from our store for the donation box, we will extend a 15% discount on your donated products or bring in your donations to fill up the donation box. If you have just a little bit of time to donate, that would be amazing too.

What are your strengths you can offer to the feral cat organizations in your community even if it’s just for the day? Call 360-253-5495 if you can help in any possible way and we will connect you with the right people.

Here is a list of needs year round but especially right now during kitten season:

1) Care Givers for the cats & kittens that get trapped while they wait for their appointment to be altered and then for recovery time.
If they are adoptable, ideally it would be great if the adoptable kitten could stay in the same home until they find their forever home but any help in the process is appreciated.
2) Gas cards. Trapping requires quite a bit of driving to sites and then to be altered.
3) Good quality dry cat food, kitten can food, powdered milk replacement and canned food to feed adult cats.
4) Drive the cats and kittens to their appointments and possibly pick up.
5) Playing with the young ones that will hopefully become adoptable.
6) Picking up traps, dropping off traps, checking traps and setting traps.

The equation pictured is provided by the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Thank You,
Natural Pet NW



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