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 Not only are the shelter dog field trips great exercise and socialization for these pups but many get adopted…  if not by those taking them out on field trips but also by others seeing the dogs out and about… like Bonnie & Clyde on June 25th… adopted and moving to San Diego !!!  Now it’s Peeta’s turn to go home !!!

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iphone 409

ID 22803792



8 months old

Medium Size

Brindle Coat

Intake May 24, 2014

Field Trip:  June 23, 2014

Peeta is a sweet, beautiful 8 month old pup.  He enjoyed and sought out all people and dogs that came over to say hi!  He enjoyed wading and swimming in the pond water at Kalapaki Beach, although, the waves at the beach were a bit scary.
Peeta will blossom with someone who can help lead him to explore and celebrate new things and give him lots of caresses and  loving.  Regular exercise and running will all around do this working breed good.  He will truly bond with the lucky person or family who is conscious of his needs.  His rewards to you will be bountiful.  Peeta was great in the car, which gave him confidence viewing and hearing all the sounds and movements from the surrounding environment during his car rides.  Going on long drives with Peeta will help him blossom!  What a sweet, gentle boy with the most  beautiful brindle coat with vibrant colors.   Peeta has great potential, he just needs to be given a chance.  He was easy for us to bond with and our hearts went pitter patter big time !!!


iphone 731


Healing hands from Ally at ‘Natural Pet Hawaii”.

iphone 326

iphone 334

Taste so good even humans like these homemade doggie cookies… yummm

iphone 333

The calm water pond at Kalapaki Beach helps relax many of the dogs we’ve taken out who enjoys a swim.

You can tell by the position of Peeta’s tail, now raised up/out from between his legs.

iphone 356

iphone 763

iphone 741

iphone 343

Pretty gal Lisa holding the pitty pup is studying to be a Veterinarian.

Peeta enjoyed hanging out with this gang.

iphone 362

iphone 766


Hi sweet Peeta !


iphone 369

iphone 375 iphone 377 iphone 390 iphone 412

iphone 434

iphone 449 iphone 456

If you are visiting or live in Kauai, Hawaii and would like to take a shelter dog on a field trip or adopt…  go to:


Kauai Humane Society

Tues – Fri 11am – 6pm

Sat & Mon 10am – 4pm

3 – 825 Kaumualii Highway

Kauai, HI

West of Puhi & Kauai Community College aprox 1 mile

808 632-0610

Kauai Humane Society
The ever-popular KHS Shelter Dog Field Trips Program was showcased for the second time by the Huffington Post; the second article was posted on Friday, June 6th. Click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/06/hawaii-borrow-dog_n_5460373.html?1402084125
to read the report with the headline: “Thought Hawaii Couldn’t Get Better? Now You Can Borrow a Shelter Dog in Paradise.” Go to our website:http://kauaihumane.org/volunteer/dogfieldtrips to find out more about this wonderful program!

Adoption Fees:

Dog/puppy adoption fees include a microchip, spay/neuter surgery, dewormer, and heartworm test.  Also, the dog/puppy is up to date on vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, and heartworm preventative.  These services are a value of more than $300!  Adopted dogs also go home with a trial bag of Science Diet dog/puppy food and a coupon for Natural Pet Hawaii.

Dog (over 6 months old):     $60

Puppy (6 months or younger):     $100

Dogs/puppies are required to leave on a collar and leash.  They may be purchased at KHS or brought to KHS at the time of adoption.  Also, all dogs/puppies are required to be licensed in the county of Kauai.  The licensing fee is $17 for spayed/neutered dogs.



Cat/kitten adoption fees include a microchip, spay/neuter surgery, and dewormer.  Also, the animal is up to date on vaccinations and flea/tick treatment.  Adopted cats also go home with a free trial bag of Science Diet cat/kitten food and a coupon for Natural Pet Hawaii.

Cat (over 6 months old):     $25

Kitten (6 months or younger):     $60

All cats/kittens must leave in a cat carrier.  You may bring your own carrier or purchase a temporary carrier for $5 from KHS.



Rabbit and guinea pig adoption fees include microchip and spay/neuter surgery.

Guinea Pig     $15

Rabbit     $20

– See more at: http://kauaihumane.org/adopt/howto#sthash.FUS8JASU.dpuf

Thanks for checking this out…

Share and help spread the word !

WOOF !!!

MightyDog Shasta




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