~ Animal Rescue… “GIRL SCOUT” Missing Dog in Marin, California… Multiple Sightings… Please Help… mightydogshasta ~

Girl Scout is STILL MISSING • New sightings 7/22

Update 7/22: There have been multiple sightings of Girl Scout over the last couple days. She was seen this morning on a ranch on Laughlin Rd. near the airport, about 1:30am seen at the Vineyard Creek apartments (South of Airport Blvd and North of the Mark West Creek) and yesterday in a vineyard north of Coffey Ln. She seems to be staying in this general area. Please remember DON”T approach or make eye contact if you see her. Make note of as much detail as possible with what time and direction she’s traveling. Then call the owner’s ASAP day or night 707-291-5571. Thank you all for your continued efforts to bring Scout home!

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MightyDog Shasta

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