~ Animal Rescue… ~ JON SNOW ~ Adopted after being seen at the Koloa Plantation Days Parade!!! Spread the word to volunteer and get the shelter dogs out into the public (“Take Me On A Field Trip”) to better their adoption chances !!!… mightydogshasta ~

We’re happy to announce that Jon Snow was adopted today by a family who first met him at the Koloa Plantation Days Parade last Saturday! Mahalo for adopting!
KHS jon snow

Take Me On A Field Trip…

If you are visiting Kauai, Hawaii and would like to take a shelter dog on a field trip or adopt,

the Kauai Humane Society’s address:

3 Kaumualii Hwy 825, Lihue, HI 96766

(Just West of Puhi  approximately one mile)

Phone no.:  808 632-0610

Many of the shelter dogs have found homes this way. 

You can check out more details on the left side menu about my cause.

In The News…

Kauai Humane Society
The ever-popular KHS Shelter Dog Field Trips Program was showcased for the second time by the Huffington Post; the second article was posted on Friday, June 6th. Click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/06/hawaii-borrow-dog_n_5460373.html?1402084125
to read the report with the headline: “Thought Hawaii Couldn’t Get Better? Now You Can Borrow a Shelter Dog in Paradise.” Go to our website:http://kauaihumane.org/volunteer/dogfieldtrips to find out more about this wonderful program!

Thanks for checking this out…

Share and help spread the word !

WOOF !!!

MightyDog Shasta


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