~ Animal Rescue… Service Dog “JERICHO” … and yes, he’s a Pit Bull! … mightydogshasta ~

We’ve highlighted Animal Farm Foundation‘s Assistance Dog Program in the past but if you haven’t heard about their life altering program (for both shelter pit bull dogs and for those needing assistance) check out this article! “Service Dog Jericho, was also trained for such tasks as opening doors, retrieving items, and bracing his owner Matthew as he transfers from his wheelchair. Matthew, who lost the use of his legs in a car accident, has increased independence with Jericho by his side. Matthew says Jericho has changed his life in more ways than one. ‘We go into the store like two friends, side-by-side and not caring about anything,’ he says. ‘I know what he’s thinking and he knows what I’m thinking. Simply put, Jericho is my life-saver, my life-changer, and what I needed to face the world. Now I’m never alone anymore.” All dogs in the Animal Farm Foundation Assistance Dog Program are dogs that were found in shelters. None were specifically bred for this job but each individual dog was chosen and trained by Assistance Dog trainer Apryl Lea. “She believes there is a common misconception by both the public and the service dog industry that dogs can’t be effective service dogs unless they are a specific breed or initially bred for the purpose of service-dog work. Lea’s quite certain this is not the case. ‘A dog is a dog!’ she says. ‘And the training is the same.”

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