~ Animal Rescue… Dog In Desperate Need Running Loose With Jug Stuck On Head… Rescue Efforts Continue For Poor Girl/Treeing Walker Coonhound Named Fern… Ferndale Arkansas… PLEASE HELP! … mightydogshasta ~

facebook: Fern’s Road to Rescue



 Additional Contact Info:  425-2534, 681-5355

facebook: Fern’s Road to Rescue

This wonderful woman isn’t giving up on Fern.

Her latest post:

August 23, 2014
“OK. I will try to cover this last week’s events before I head out to do my night time “Fern driving search”. Last Sunday the wonderful Jennefer and her son Robert helped me tremendously by checking culverts under Ferndale C/O aka Ferncliff Rd. They spotted fresh tracks which lead me to put out feeders in those locations. Monday I added feeders in a couple more areas close by. At the last location, which is a spot where Fern was sighted on 7/13, to my amazement, I found a collar in the creek that looked jut like the one she had on in pic! With the pic enlarged it was clear that the blue collar had a ring at the back with something red or deep pink tied to ring. This collar has something like lawn trimmer line tied to back. It is red. My heart was pounding because the collar was still buckled which meant that if this was Fern’s that the jug was off her head! I went to Dr. Peck’s Tues morning and he and Jennifer (his vet tech who started the search) were very sure this was the same collar as in the picture. Oh joy, wonderful news! However, we needed to be absolutely sure this was the case before putting the word out. This should be easy since I had a collar with a name and phone number on it. After calling for almost a day and getting a busy every time I contacted “pet detective” Carla Coleman who started helping me search for info. The man on the collar died Feb. 1. we had names of next of kin but had to find contact info which was not as easy as u would think. Carla sweet talked a clerk at Perry Co. courthouse into giving the man’s wife’s current phone number and I placed the call. I told her briefly what was going on and asked her to go to Fern’s page to see if this had been her husband’s dog. She did not think so as her husband only had beagles, but his dogs were given away so she contacted man who had dogs to see if he recognized dog in picture. Did not, but said that the collar could still have been the same as on Fern because at their hunting club old collars were kept just in case someone’s dog came back in without a collar. So Fern could be belong to someone else in that club. This man did not recognize her as being a dog he currently knows. But it could b someone who is no longer in the club but was at one time. I have spent days trying to get more info regarding her connection to the Wye Mountain Hunting Club without any luck. If we could verify that this is the collar she was wearing in the pic then we know that her situation has changed greatly for the better and her odds for survival would increase. But without any more sightings we have no idea where she might be and we are looking for her with or without the jug. Either way, she still needs help and possibly medical attention. There are several thousands of acres where she could be.
And……I told of my talk with a woman who communicates telepathically with dogs. This woman had helped others find lost dogs and at this point I was open to anything (eventho I’m not really sure how I feel about this ability). Last Mon. this woman told me she had contacted Fern and was trying to send her images of putting the jug between 2 tree trunks and trying to pull the jug off! Imagine how unbelievable when just hours later I discover the collar! This woman was able to contact Fern again yesterday. The news was both good and very upsetting. The woman said Fern was no longer stressed and was happy and at peace. She said Fern was being treated well where she was. She told me that she could not tell me if that meant that Fern had been helped or found her way home or that she was no longer alive and had gone on to a better place and was at peace.
At this time I am still doing as I have done every day for weeks. I put feed out for her at several locations around Ferndale morning and night and drive the area hoping to see her walking the side of the road as she did the first 3 weeks regularly. I am no longer going into the woods since she could be anywhere. If she would be sighted again then the full scale efforts would be back in effect. The few who have been involved in the search for almost 6 weeks now have been physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and have and to back off. I don’t know when I will throw up my hands, but I will continue a while longer. I am rotating game camera between feeding sights and have not seen her obviously. I have so many people much more experienced in search/track/capture who are telling me not to give up, that they know of many dogs who have showed up weeks or months later. All we can hope is she did get free of the jug and get help or find food and a safe place. Or she is no longer struggling to overcome what humans have done to her and has found final peace. Just one more example of how we humans fail the animals of the earth. Gotta get going out on my nightly drive! Pray. Or whatever.”
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    ~ Animal Rescue… Dog In Desperate Need Running Loose With Jug Stuck On Head… Rescue Efforts Continue For Poor Girl/Treeing Walker Coonhound Named Fern… Ferndale Arkansas… PLEASE HELP! … mightydogshasta ~

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