~ Animal Rescue… URGENT !!! Up-Date… Kauai, Hawaii – Kauai Humane Society … THIS SWEET LITTLE GIRL NEEDS YOUR HELP … mightydogshasta ~

Update about rescued sweet girl…
…. now named ~ XENA ~
Meet Xena, our new foster dog. Found stray and starving, she wasn’t given a name because…she was going to be put down. She was “dog X”. But thankfully, she was given a chance at life..so now dog X is Xena..and she is the sweetest, nicest dog ever! She is enjoying her new life of going for walks, sleeping on a bed, regular meals and lots of love. She gains weight and fur every day and we can tell she is very happy.
The plan now: fatten her up and find her a forever home.
more recently…
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facebook link for contact:  Marlana Schaefer
THIS SWEET LITTLE GIRL NEEDS YOUR HELP – *** IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP THIS GIRL, SHE IS AT KHS AND CAN BE ADOPTED IF SOMEBODY WANTS TO HELP HER.. I talked to Dr. Sims and he said that he was told that it was a Yeast thing that the dog has.. and that they will adopt her out if somebody wants to really adopt her .PLEASE IF YOU CAN FIND IT IN YOUR HEART TO ADOPT HER I WILL PAY FOR THE COST TO GET HER SKIN CONDITION UNDER CONTROL. With love and a good diet she will be unrecognizable in no time at all. *** She is going to be adorable..***
Thanks for checking this out…
Share and help spread the word!
WOOF !!!
MightyDog Shasta

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