~ Animal Rescue… Want the best for your furry child… Go to “NATURAL PET HAWAII” – Kauai, HI… Top quality food, treats, toys, bedding and other supplies … mightydogshasta ~

Go to “Natural Pet Hawaii”

Best pet supplies on the Island with the nicest staff… now expanding their store.

Still open for business while under construction.

Once the construction is complete,  shelter dogs will again be weekly special  guests at Natural Pet Hawaii looking for their special forever homes.  Check out NPH’s facebook page for updates: 


Five Stars – Yelp Reviews *****


Family Pets are Family Members at Natural Pet Hawai`i


  • 1596 Haleukana St
    Ste 100
    Lihue, HI96766
  • Get Directions
  • Phone number (808) 246-1738

It’s one big, happy, furry family at Natural Pet Hawaii—Jenny Pimsaguan with her Pit Bull, Magic and staff member, Ally Kirk with Pumpkin.

Story by Pam Woolway

Posted on Friday, March 22, 2013.

What began as a coveted care package arriving from Mom, grew into the largest and most diverse pet supply store for Kaua’i. When Jenny Pimsaguan, owner of Natural Pet Hawaii in the Puhi Industrial Center, received boxes packed with nutritious dog treats it gave her the idea.

“I’d just adopted a dog from Kaua’i Humane Society and my mom would send me boxes full of treats from her store in Oregon,” she said. “At first some friends and I wanted to just open a warehouse to sell nutritious pet treats.”

Pimsaguan’s mother owns a franchise of the same name in Vancouver, Washington.

The evolution seemed a natural one for Pimsaguan.

“I was already making my own dog food,” she said.

Natural Pet Hawaii opened in 2010 and has been growing ever since, in large part due to visible results of improved diet for her furry clientele.

“The best part of my job is changing pet’s lives,” she said.

Daily clients come to the store with a variety of health related questions.

“I like letting them know there’s alternatives. And I love seeing the pets transformed.”

Family pets are family members and a big part of the business reaches far beyond mere retail.

“This is a relationship business. It’s about the well-being of a family member,” she said. “We’ve made tons of friends in here.”

The biggest challenge is one familiar to most Hawaii business owners and that is the logistics of shipping.

“Everything takes two weeks once ordered and that can be frustrating for people.”

The store’s motto is “For the health of your pet,” but for Jenny it includes customer care.

“I want to always make people feel welcome when they come in,” she said. “There is a lot of exchange of information in here. We constantly learn from our customers.”

Natural Pet Hawai’i carries over a dozen different brands of food for cats and dogs; toys, beds, clothing and some over-the-counter medication.

“Our biggest seller is food. I think people stick with the food because they see how well their pet does on it.”


Aloha everyone! We are excited to announce that Natural Pet Hawaii is in the process of expanding! We will be open during construction but would like to warn you that it will be loud in the store so as much as we love to see your pets, you may want to leave them home so they won’t get scared. Mahalo for your patience!


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