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Meet two Awesome Volunteers… Nancy & Erika…

They are volunteers in the Kauai Humane Society’s Shelter Dog Transfer and Field Trip Programs … and new program Erika developed, “Crate Transfer Program”

Volunteer Nancy with Kauai Humane Society staff Romeo…

Nancy flying to Kauai, Hawaii for a short get-a-way stay, volunteers to bring two stacks of dog crates as her check-in luggage.  This is on a nonstop flight from Oakland airport to Lihue airport.  KHS staff Romeo picked up the crates from Lihue airport to bring back to the shelter.   Alaska Air charges $25. each for the first two checked-in luggage.  Nancy was also generous to pay for the crate fees.  There is no charge if you are flying business or first class.

Nancy also hopes to volunteer in KHS Transfer Program by bringing back a shelter dog to Oakland airport upon her return home.  She is already on KHS’s helper’s lists. We hope it’s a go!

2014 Sept 18 Volunteers Nancy Gabriel w Romeo and Erika Schaffer

Romeo heading back to KHS with the crates…

2014 Sept 18 Volunteers Nancy Gabriel w Romeo and Erika Schaffer (3)

Volunteer, Erika…

Erika’s volunteer work is endless in saving more lives, and one way is by devoting her time weekly in the KHS “Transfer Program”, picking up Kauai shelter dogs from the Oakland airport and then the next day brings the dogs to the East Bay SPCA, CA where they will be adopted .   Erika now has a collection of dog crates from all the dogs transferred over, so she has been working on ways to get the crates back to KHS, many of times paying the crate fees out-of-pocket. To get the crates back to Kauai, Erika or another volunteer will meet you at the airport with the crates ready to be checked in.

2014 Sept 18 Volunteers Nancy Gabriel w Romeo and Erika Schaffer (2)

Brandy Varvel,  Shelter Operations Manager

KHS brandyBrandy Varvel, Shelter Operations Manager


above link includes video

Posted: 04/10/2013 3:30 pm EDT

At Hawaii’s Kauai Humane Society, shelter coordinator Brandy Varvel was faced with the problem of too many dogs and not enough adoption interest at her facility. She soon realized that many of these dog breeds are rarely found in shelters on the mainland, and thus the dogs’ chances for adoption would be greater outside Hawaii. So, Varvel teamed up with mainland shelters to take the animals, and some good Samaritan vacationers to get them there by flying the dogs home as their luggage. Check out the story above from Honolulu Civil Beat.

Kauai Humane Society’s address:

3 Kaumualii Hwy 825, Lihue, HI 96766

(Just West of Puhi  approximately one mile)

Phone no.:  808 632-0610

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