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The Cesar Millan Foundation year-end message

 “One of our greatest moments was in December, when the Foundation participated in an airlift that saved the lives of over six hundred dogs that would have otherwise been killed in shelters, bringing the number of dogs we saved directly during the year to well over eleven hundred. This isn’t even counting the number of lives saved through our promotion of spay and neuter awareness.”

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By Jillian Dunn, Executive Director

As we celebrate the holidays, I wanted to offer up some of my favorite 2014 program initiatives, made possible through the support of our pack around the globe.

Wings of Rescue

The Cesar Millan Foundation worked together with a number of rescue organizations and shelters, resulting in saving the lives of over six hundred dogs. These dogs were rescued from overcrowded kill shelters in Los Angeles and relocated to forever homes all across the country, from Washington state to New York. On December 5 at sunrise, the airlift began at Van Nuys Airport in Southern California, with dedicated volunteer pilots, private planes, and many wonderful organizations coming together to make it happen.

Sponsoring organizations involved in the event included the packs at: Bark Avenue Foundation, Cesar Millan Foundation, Marley’s Mutts, Murphy’s Paw Rescue, North Shore Animal League America, Operation Blankets of Love, Rescued in the Nic of Time, Shelter Me, Social Tees Animal Rescue, Subaru, and Wings of Rescue.

Chihuahua Challenge

This summer, in a grant made possible by the ASPCA, we launched the Cesar Millan Chihuahua Challenge, providing nearly 500 low-cost and free spay or neuter procedures in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs in the process.

Sonic’s success

So many of you followed the story of Sonic, the 98-pound blue fawn pit bull deemed too aggressive to be adopted and “sentenced” to Cesar’s care by a judge in Apple Valley. We are so proud to report that, thanks to Paws for Veterans, Sonic is now in his forever home with US veteran Ray Lewis in South Florida, working as a service dog. Sonic — we salute you!

Ending abuse

In an effort to catch animal abusers, we joined forces with The Humane Society of the United States and the National Sheriffs’ Association to launch a free app that anyone can download. Using this app, people can record animal abuse and report it in real time to the appropriate authorities. Check out Cesar’s public service announcements on the People with Proof site, and be sure to download the app today!

Ending breed bans

The Nat Geo WILD documentary special, “Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull,” is bringing global attention to the issue of breed specific legislation.

Humane Education

To date we have invested nearly one million dollars in the Mutt-i-grees humane education program, developed by Yale University’s School of the 21st Century. This program has been taught to more than three million students in Pre-K thru Grade 12 in the US and Canada — and the program is free.

Cesar says, “Positive leadership is simply and unselfishly being there for others when they need direction or protection.”

We thank you for being an essential part of our pack. To discover ways you can be a part of our mission, please visit our website.

From our pack to your pack, have a happy holiday season!

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