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Kauai shelter dogs… with their running buddies…

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… Wanting to go home  ~

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Running Club

Cover Page News !!!

Link to article: http://thegardenisland.com/news/local/running-with-the-big-dogs-walking-with-the-little-dogs/article_9b96c6bc-bb26-11e4-a2a7-ffd35bb35168.html



KHS Amelia great running buddy Sweet and social Running Club wMimi 1 29 15

KHS Amelia 1 yr Hound mix




KHS Kara got tired after 2nd lap Her favorite parts was seeing Christy Ryan. Christy  took her out on a field trip after her run D M RClub1 30 15 D M (6)


who says seniors can’t run…

10917865_827961763928955_886518479987310849_n 10915224_827961823928949_575843039248783212_n


KHS Lemon So sweet after we got to know each one another a bit D M RClub 1 30 15 D M (4)

KHS Lemon RClub Lemon Love.  3 1 2015 Ann McKenna Croydon Lemon is such a sweetie...she should have a name that reflects that she's gentle on the leash and eager to please. thanks for the opportunity to meet all these sweet soul


KHS Ian Coming in wTracy Capman as we were leaving Adorable his roommate Katana was adopted today  1 30 15 D M

KHS Ian RClub The always delightful, Ian. Fun, sweet, hassle free...adopt Ian. He's an all around great guy. Oh Ian Feb 22 2015KHS Ian 11 26 2014


KHS Lily

KHS The lovely Lilly 1 24 15 Dinah KHS Lily super enthusiastic sweet Special feature is her velvety soft tummy Runny club wMimi 1 29 15 KHS Lilly loved getting out of her kennel and going for a run and receiving a belly rub 1 24 15



KHS Sian Athletic Gentle Sweet Girl RClub D.C. M.D. 1 30 15 (4) KHS RClub Siana Steven and the now relaxed Siana. This she was really hyped up yesterday before her first run, now today, she settled into a nice jog right off 2 1 15


KHS Snoop Siana RClub D.C. M.D. 1 30 15 (3) KHS Snoop Giant Lap Dog RClub D.C. M.D. 1 30 15 (5)

khs, (9)


another beautiful senior…

KHS Myra RClub Myra may be an older gal and may have had a few pups in her lifetime, but she has just as much energy and pep in her step as the youngins! She's been at KHS a few months now; let's get this girl a home 3 1 2015

KHS Myra


KHS Jane 5 yr PointerWhippet

KHS Jane 1 9 2015

KHS Sarah and Jane RClub We ran past Ally Kirk who was working with the shy gals, Sarah and Jane. They are making great progress Feb 22 2015 (2)


KHS Sarah RClub Sarah got some special time with Ally today. Sarah has a sweet face and disposition. D.C. n M.D. 2 8 15

KHS Sarah Sweet Sarah has seen some rough days Shes still skinny so we just walked a bit  1 30 15 D M RClub(9)


Lets get a smile on Harrison’s sweet face and find him more running buddies…

KHS RClub (4)

KHS Harrison RClub Harrison, who is more and more coming out of his shell, getting a treat from Bill. Feb 22 2015



KHS Hopper RClub came in at the same time as Manny.... also super shy with me... he warmed up when we ran into some puppies and other people... this guy needs people interaction. 2 5 15 M.D.


KHS Mandy Simply a bundle of love Roommate is Molly Both gentle affectionate  1 30 15 D M RClub(3)

KHS RClub2 1 15

Kolohe Boy…

KHS Kolohe Boy wTracy Capman Feb 25, 2015

Aka & Sonya…

 KHS Aka Blonde Sonya Black n White.  Aka and Sonya love each other. Anyone looking to adopt two sweet, petite gals They are a darling pair. 3 1 2015


KHS Aka RClub Lots of kisses from this girl Feb 20 2015

KHS Aka RClub This little love bug is Aka. She loves to give kisses and has really pretty Catahoula markings. Feb 22 2015

KHS Aka RClub She has a back leg that is bothering her, but don't let that stop you from taking her out, she can go, go, go on her 3 legs and sometimes all four 3 2 2015


KHS Sonya RClub Oh those Ears... Sonyas action shot 3 2 2015

KHS Sonya RClub  Is nothing but sweetness. She loves to please. She looks at you constantly when walking as if to say, am IDoing this right This picture doesnt show it, but shes got fabulous ears that stick straight up 3 2 2015

 KHS Sonya RClub Sonya is a sweet, light on her feet gal. She is quite timid and could use some TLC. Taking her out with her super happy roomie, Aka is very helpful. 3 1 2015


KHS Lola RClub This girl is a sweetie..she needs a bit of TLC..which she obviously received today Feb 20, 2015

KHS Lola RClub Lola decided she needed a rest from all the exercise and made herself comfortable in the shade. Thanks to everyone who has given this timid gal the extra love she needs to gain confidence. 3 1 2015

KHS Lola RClub Shyyy.. Needs some TLC Isnt she lovely Feb 19 2015

KHS Lola RClub 3 2 2015


KHS Mushi RClub Bill on his first lap with the dashing Mushi. 3 1 2015

KHS RClub (11)


KHS Teddy RClub Beautiful, layed back, great on a leash, knows sit. What a sweet guy 2 12 15 (2)

KHS Snoop n Teddy Border Collie mix RClub All smiiiiles 3 1 2015Ann McKenna Croydon snoop dog is a love bug n treat hog. Teddy is sweet gentle n great leader for his roomie Snoop (2)


KHS Manny RClub Sooo shy...soooo handsome, look at his golden eyes. This one needs more social interactions than excercise at this point in my opinion 2 5 15 M.D. (2)

KHS Manny RClub Sooo shy...soooo handsome, look at his golden eyes. This one needs more social interactions than excercise at this point in my opinion 2 5 15 M.D.

KHS Manny RClub Manny is such a handsome guy. After about 200 yards, he settled into a nice jog and was the perfect running buddy. 2 15 15

Anne Lee…

KHS Anne Lee RClub This gentle, easy-going gal is Anne Lee. Great size, easy to walk, super disposition. 2 15 15

KHS Ann Lee RClub very gentle n loving, Easy on leash. WhenBegan toRun, onlyRanOnThreeLegs soWeOptedForAniceWalkInstead. RearLegWasBotheringHer.JazzSaidTheyAreAwareOf it 2 12 15 (4)


KHS Tatum RClub with little dirt on her nose...this girls is sweet, easy going and friendly Feb 20 2015

KHS Tatum RClub this is Tawny's sister... She is very enthusiastic, smart and sweet. 2 12 15


KHS Tawny RClub energetic and ready to go Feb 19 2015

KHS Tawny RClub One of Mikey's non biological sisters... She is energetic, smart and sweet 2 12 215


KHS Ali'i RClub wMimi Ali`i is friendly, spunky, and wants to be a lap dog. We had lots of fun with this hunk today. M.D. n D.C. 2 8 15

KHS Ali i got out for a bit today. He gets very excited when it is time to go for a runwalk, so we asked Ally Kirk to work with him today on being calm, and she had great success with him. 2 15 15


KHS Molly is one of best dogs on leash ever met She gently glided along next to me She is timid but definitely became more comfortable during our run D M RClub 1 30 15 D M (7)

KHS Molly RClub a picture is worth a 1000 words...she is soo sweet and mellow Feb 22 2015


KHS Nikki RClub This sweet girl is a little bit shy at first. She is beautiful and has a super soft coat. Feb 20 2015

KHS Nikki RClub This sweet girl is a little bit shy at first. She is beautiful and has a super soft coat. Feb 20 2015 (3)


KHS Sammie RClub 2 28 2015


KHS Kida RClub Kida getting some love from Mimi Ditusa. Kida is a beautiful, gentle gal. 3 1 2015

KHS Kida RClub Beautiful, shy girl...She needs some special attention to help her trust and bring her out of her shell. Feb 26 2015

Mack & Paxton…

KHS Mack and Paxton RClub Kim and Stephen with some new pups, Paxton and Mack Feb 22 2015

Paxton & Mack…

KHS Paxton and Mack RClub a couple of sweet, powerhouses.  Really beautiful, friendly dogs. Feb 26 2015 - Copy

KHS RClub Kim Foster, Tracy Capman, and Stephen stop for a quick photo with some happy pups 2 1 15

Cherry & Berry …

Bonded Sisters … Adopted !!! … Together !!!…  Flown home to Southern California ….

KHS Cherry Berry marla..


KHS CherryBerry w CarlaBB n Ginger 2015 Jan  (3)




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