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A Place To Bark Animal Rescue

The American Dog reports
photos courtesy of a   Place To Bark

A Place To Bark, established in 2001, is a small rescue saving dogs by the hundreds every year””but in a big way. They rescue pets from high-kill animal control agen ­cies, puppy mill seizures, and police-confiscated cruelty cases. Bernie Berlin, founder of A Place To Bark, provides a temporary home and a place of sanctuary; where dogs have time to rehab medically, be retrained behaviorally, healed psychologically, quarantined properly, and be given every opportu ­nity at having the best chance of a suc ­cessful long-term adoption for life.

Sitting on 20 acres with an 1800 square foot shelter and 10,000 square feet of outdoor kenneling, A Place To Bark is located in the small rural town of Port ­land, TN, just a short 45-minute drive from Nashville. In the past five years over 2,000 dogs have been rescued and adopted out via Bernie’s vision, efforts, and working relationships with many well-known humane societies. “A Place To Bark is also one of the few small res ­cues embraced by the ASPCA and The Humane Society of The United States for our dedicated efforts to saving lives,” Bernie proudly states.

The unique programs offered at A Place To Bark helps to further dogs along the adoption process, which is a win/ win situation for all included; the res ­cued pets, the partnering shelters, and the adopters. Once the animals have completed the program and are ready for adoption, Berlin drives them to the partnering shelters in cities where they have established spay and neuter pro ­grams, and can accept animals from out of state. Most times, the transport involves an 8-hour drive (one-way), but on many occasions it can be as long as 18 hours. Yes, it’s much work, but the end result is animals are saved and adopted into loving homes. “I’m hell bent to prove a point that all these animals need is time and effort; the bottom line is someone that cares enough to take re ­sponsibility for their lives,” explains Ber ­nie. She goes on to say, “when the day comes and proper spay/neuter programs are put in place, this will be the next step to a no-kill na ­tion. By taking responsibility for these helpless animals and giving them the proper skills and training will enable them to be the best pets they can be.”

The economic state of the nation and lack of donations has forced many res ­cues to close and A Place To Bark is no exception, fighting to stay open and save animals. “More and more animals are left homeless and less and less funding is available. The South has the greatest numbers of animals in need with the least amount of resources. For most shelters in the South, the euthanasia rate is 98% with only three days on the floor before they are put to sleep. The needless killing has to stop and we are the only ones that can help bring this to an end,” Bernie tells us.

As they say at A Place To Bark, “Be a part of something great! Adopt a res ­cued dog!”

For more information or to make a donation:
a place to bark
PO Box 649
Portland, TN 37148

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