~ Animal Rescue… KAWS – Kauai Animal Welfare Society … KAWS, a non-profit 501(c)(3), is the new hope for the animals in need on the small Island of Kauai … mightydogshasta ~

KAWS, a non-profit 501(c)(3), is the new hope for the animals in need on the small Island, Kauai. They have been working like Warriors in saving the lives of the Island’s over flowing population of dogs and cats. One of the founders of KAWS, Dinah Chao, also developed Running Club at KHS ; a mighty volunteer group that help the shelter dogs. You’re donations will help further their work and strengthen their cause. Donations can be made by going to their web. www.kaws4paws.org

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MightyDog Shasta

facebook link:  http://www.kaws4paws.org/




Mission Statement: The Kaua`i Animal Welfare Society believes every animal on Kaua`i deserves a safe and nurturing home.  Our mission is to provide moral, financial, and medical support for those fostering homeless pets; to end the practice of euthanasia as a means of population control, instead relying on spay and neuter and trap and release programs; and to create a sanctuary for animals not yet placed in foster or permanent homes.

For years, the small Hawaiian island of Kaua`i has struggled with over populations of stray dogs and cats. In 2014, our always-full Kaua`i Humane Society (KHS) euthanized 600 dogs and 2000 cats. Kaua`i Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) is working to reduce these staggering numbers. Currently, we are an added resource to KHS’s adoption program by promoting the dogs and seeking out alternative rescues and homes, which are often found off island, especially on the mainland. Our commitment is to find homes for all animals, placing special attention to the dogs at KHS who are at risk, i.e. been at the shelter over three months and/or who are starting to show signs of kennel stress. While finding homes for the stray and surrendered pets is integral to our mission, it is equally important to address the causes for these over populations: too many unspayed/unneutered dogs and cats. KAWS aims to provide affordable and accessible spay and neutering programs as well as offering educational programs to promote proper care and treatment of animals. We do not have a facility, though it is our vision to open a sanctuary for both dogs and cats in the future.

Kaua`i Animal Welfare Society partners with the people of Kaua`i to help the dogs who are the most in need. Currently, we are able to support residents who take in stray dogs by offering help in the following areas:

• vet care

• food

• shelter

• training

• supplies (collars, leashes, beds, etc.)

• promoting- sharing story on Website and social media

• transporting dog to mainland home


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