“AGENT” Special Story…

Thank you KHS for making it possible for Agent, now named Nui, in finding his forever home!

More photos below !!!

In Oct 2012…

If you remember Grover, who now lives in San Jose, California… below is the story of his puppy kennel mate Agent, when they were both 6 months old… who we… like everyone else kept rooting for… being in and out of the shelter since he was 3 months old… whose beautiful spirit never broke… wanting to smother you with nothing but the most happy kisses.

In Oct 2013…

We are thrilled that Agent (now 1 1/2 years old) along with his adult kennel mate LikeLike were adopted, going home together. LikeLike on Wed and Agent, yesterday/Thurs, by a wonderful family!  They’ll have plenty of room for exercise and lots of loving.  Timing was such that we were there during Agent’s adoption.  How fortunate is that !!!  This is the highlight of our trip and makes it complete for our wishes for Agent.


ShastaDog’s mom & dad

(puppy and current photos at bottom page)

Agent & Likelike showing off their great manners at Natural Pet Hawaii during a field trip today!
Look who came to visit me at work today!! Likelike and Agent!! They were so good in Natural Pet Hawaii and sat for their treats. Agent was showing off his awesome “down” too Thanks to the awesome couple from Seattle that took them on a field trip today
(the day after this photo was taken, LikeLike was adopted !)
   These two stole our hearts. We adopted Likelike Wednesday and came back for Agent yesterday! They’re officially part of the MATA family :)))) They make an awesome team. Mahalo KHS for taking such good care of them. We promise to do the same

Adoption Compete !!!

Oct 17, 2013

Nothing can be better than that!!!

Way to go Agent !!!



Shelter bio…

I’m an all-purpose pup ready to commit 110%. When there is a crumb dropped, I’ll be there to pick it up for you. When there’s a hole that needs dug, I’ll be there with all four feet. When someone needs a buddy to run miles with, I’ll be there with leash in tow. Commit 110% to me, and I’ll be yours forever. (SUPER HERO)I am a STAR PET so my Adoption Fee is half price!

2013 photo

Rewinding back in time by one year…

Oct 2012

Below photos were taken when Agent was 6 months old (Oct/Nov 2012) with Kawai and Grover, both now living in their forever homes (Kawai in Portland, OR and Grover in San Jose, CA).  We hope the same can happen for Agent.

Before Agent’s final adoption to his forever home…
Oct 12, 2013
 1 1/2 years old…
Returning to kennel…
so sorry puppy….
Today we were not able to take a shelter dog out on a field trip so my husband exercised Agent in one of the yards and then took him for a long walk spending a total of 2 hours with him.  He is a very happy go lucky sweetie and at the same time sturdy and strong.  Agent was adopted but unfortunately he was brought back because his owner moved.  Agent needs a dedicated and experienced person who will give him lots of exercise (both mental and physical) and training, especially for being the working breed that he is.   He was friendly and curious to both big and small dogs that came over to say “hi” and not  bothered or phased by the little black and white dog constantly chasing and yacking at him from the other side of the fence.  He was also gentle with us two legged ones who could not resist giving some loving pets on his face, lips and nozzle.
What a handsome pup !!!
Oct 12/ 2013
~ Adopted Oct 17, 2013 ~
WOOF !!!
MightyDog Shasta

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