Kauai, Hawaii,  is in desperate need in finding homes for their shelter dogs.  A small Island with too many dogs, not enough people…   In Oct/Nov, 2012, while vacationing in Kauai,  my mom & dad donated some time by taking as many shelter pups out on field trips.  At the end of the second field trip, they found a home for the first dog named Kawai (means the water).  He is a 3 year old Lab/Hound mix that was flown to his new home in Portland Oregon by his adopters.  Kawai’s new family were also vacationers who immediately fell in love with him and could not leave him behind, luckily, the day before they were returning home.  They all drove to the shelter in mom and dad’s small SUV (including Kawai and Grover), 30 minutes before the shelter was closing.

 A month after mom & dad’s return home, dad contacted the shelter to check up on the other pups we spent time with and found out one of our field trip pups, Grover, was on the euthanasia list. Dad worked his magic and immediately made arrangements with a local dog rescue group, Copper’s Dream (where they adopted me from), and within 48 hours  Copper’s Dream helped in saving Grover’s life by posting his picture and bio on their website, and happily he was adopted by a wonderful family.  Dad made arrangements with the Kauai Humane Society to air transport Grover to his forever home in San Jose, CA.

The plus is that the pups are already neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated.    In December 2012, 12 Kauai shelter dogs were accepted and flown to the Oakland shelter in California in the Kauai shelter’s newly developing “transfer program” (read “Head Line News” located at left side bar) where dogs and cats are air transported off Island no-kill shelters.  Because  shelters are highly populated with pit bulls and chihuahuas,  the hound/mix breeds from Kauai are more readily adopted.

Staff  at the Kauai Humane Society noted  that the dogs get a 15 min exercise in the yard… once a day… that’s it.  Volunteers at the shelter are pretty non existent.
If you are looking into dog adoption please consider the dogs  from Kauai.  Or if you’re planning a visit to Kauai please think about taking a shelter dog on a field trip, and in doing so, maybe even save a life. 
written May 2013
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3 thoughts on “Story…

  1. CJ says:

    Great story!

  2. T says:

    A lot of what is written here about the Kauai Humane Society is not true I would hope that you would visit KHS yourself and see the amazing job the staff and Volunteers do with the dog and cats. before writing inconsistent comments

    • 1MightyDog says:

      Hi ! I’ve not been on my blog site for sometime now. What part of the story is inconsistent? The story was written in 2013 and is consistent from that period in time and my husband and I got some of the details in my story first hand from KHS staff; and then through our own experience working as volunteers and transferring KHS dogs to the mainland to rescue groups. Also, I worked with two of the prior E. Directors at KHS. We have not yet been to Kauai to meet the new E. Director or Coordinator for the Transfer Program and hope to during our next visit to Kauai. Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate it and, yes, it needs to be updated. I will add a flash forward update once I visit the shelter again this year !

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